RIP Della 

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we say goodbye to our beautiful Della who died of a heart attack during the night. Your life was too short precious girl, and the odds where stacked against you. We gave you as much as we could while you were with us, however your selectively bred body and your impoverished miserable life before we got you, left you too vulnerable. Our darling Della I am so sorry that you were born for meat, and that’s all you were seen as while you were deprived of water and food. I am sorry that you were cruelly exposed to the winter elements. I am sorry that humans continue to eat chickens and create a market for your suffering. I am sorry our lives didn’t collide sooner. I am grateful we had the time we did together. Della will be sorely missed by our family, but most of all by myself and my wonderful sister Karen who witnessed her suffering the day we got her, and assisted nursing and loving her for subsequent weeks. RIP Della.